SMM11 Lisbeth

Limited Edition resin miniature. Lisbeth is strictly limited to 750 high quality castings

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  1. Cyberpunk Surfer

    Posted by Mario Matijasic 5 years ago

    Everything about this figure just shouts „cyberpunk“... As for the painting, this miniature will definitely shine if you let your imagination guide the brush. Choosing a cool board design, perhaps doing camouflaged pants and simulating twin board engine glow… I can’t wait to start throwing some paint on this one! Check out the full review at Historicus Forma website:

  2. Lots of room for creativity!

    Posted by David 5 years ago

    A fantastic miniature by Studio McVey, Lisbeth offers the painter lots of room for creativity. The surfboard is just begging for freehand, and the cement pylons are also crying out to be covered in graffiti. Personally, I found the parachute pants a lot of fun to paint—great practice for two-brush blending. The only negative is that assembly can be a bit fiddly. I had some issues getting her left arm properly lined up at all three points of connection (shoulder, leg, and board) at the same time, and the handle of her baseball bat is extremely fragile. I think I broke it twice.

  3. surfs up for lisbeth

    Posted by michael ceates 7 years ago

    if you are looking for something different then this could well be it. An unusual and very eye catching piece which is open for your own origonal work. Easy to buld and one to test your painting skills. The base is asking for graffitti and her hoverboard is a customisers dream. Highly recommended (I have 2 !!)

Showing reviews 1 - 3 of 3