SMM21 Azumi

Limited Edition resin miniature. This miniature is a multi part kit and comes supplied with a 30mm plastic base.

Azumi stands 32mm tall.

This miniature is strictly limited to 750 high quality castings

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  1. Darn Good

    Posted by Aaron 5 years ago

    I love her from the get go and I love her even more once I got her in hand. I was worried about major flashes and bubbles since this would mark my first McVey piece and to my surprised... no bubbles and easy flashes, mold lines were none to be found on the body, except for her lower area, the legs. I love Hennebo's sculpts because he's not afraid to give some 'breadth' to his minis. Most minis I see are nice from the front but when you view it from its 'sides' you can see they are quite flat vertically and not much 'flow' to the poses. Azumi, as you can see from the sides, gives room for all her splendiferous kimono to flow to. And this is what attracts me the most. Unfortunately, mine had one of her hair chopsticks (I don't know what else to call them) broken but I THINK I can mend it. Definitely will be the other two Samurai themed warriors... once the Studio fixes their online shopping page. CMON is too slow... mine took 1 month and a 2 weeks to reach me. PS. Please restock Y'Sala and the Darkness!! =)

  2. Absolutely Beautiful

    Posted by Nick 5 years ago

    Azumi is one of the most beautiful models I've ever had the pleasure to build in my 14 years of being a miniature hobbyist. I'm a mad converter and even I couldn't bring myself to take a knife to her. (Maybe if I buy another at some point...). I'll get to painting her soon, I only hope I can do her justice. All in all, it's an excellent model. Very little flash, and what was there was very simple to remove. Thanks very much for producing this model, and look out for me buying Akarui, Shisou, and any other Japanese-themed models you sculpt in the future.

Showing reviews 1 - 2 of 2